Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ok, so I'm in my last year of high school. I am very nervous yet excited at the same time. Just to look back on all the years of hard work to get to where I am now, and to proceed to where I want to be, it rather overwelming. Of course none of these things could have happen without the help from Allah. As the countdown go on, so does the school work. I make du'ah that I pass with honors.
I got accepted to Peirce College which I'll be starting in the fall of 09 and I want a bachelor's of science degree. Afterwards, I would like to pursue my career as an Network Security Engineer. The starting salary of a Network Security Engineer is roughly around 250K a year. With that salary I can buy my dream sports car which is a mustang GT and a condominium with the city or water front view. I'd like to buy my mother a very big house and pay off all of her debt so that she'd be able to do the things and buy the things that she would like to do without debt holding her up. It will also benefit my younger siblings. I also dream of helping to establish the unfinished salafi masaajid in my hometown, philadelphia. I would also like to find an organization that link you muslim families suffering from poverty, so that I can give a certain amount of money month to make sure that they have food to eat and clean clothes to wear. And if I cannot find an organization, I'd like to establish one.
In the city of philadelphia, there is not one estabalished muslim school that is built upon the da'watus salafiyyah. I would have loved to go to a school with friends and family, and to know that the education that I am receiving is legit. But I was cyberschooled. Although I don't like it, I think its better than public school. Also so that I can say that I was taught the correct aqeedah and so on and so forth.
Just the thought of people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars and put it to waste, it just plain ridiculous!! I like money...I LOVE money, I love nice things! I also love expensive things, not because they cost a lot, but because the quality of it. I know that if I buy this $700.00 gucci pocketbook, I'll have it for a long while...insha allah! lol.
But I also believe in helping others. I think that it is very selfish for people to have and not give.
All in all, I just make du'ah that I can be able to do everything that I intend to do in the future bi'idhnillah.

wa salaam.


OhSoMuslim said...

I like this, and insha'allah eveything will go well. You're great kiddo!

LadyArabiyyah said...

:D thanks for having faith in me friend!